Sino-Nasal Outcome Test

SNOT-16, SNOT-20, SNOT-22, SNOT-25

The Sino-Nasal Outcome Tests (SNOT) were originally developed by Jay Piccirillo, MD, as the Rhinosinusitis Outcome Measure-31 (RSOM-31) to measure the physical, functional, and emotional consequences of rhinosinusitis.

The SNOT instruments are used across the world as a measure of rhinosinusitis health status and quality of life.

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The SNOT instrument has been validated internationally and cited in the literature more than 1,000 times. It is used in more than 35 countries and has been translated into more than 70 languages and dialects.

Find more information about SNOT including background, scoring system, translation development, and electronic implementation.

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A license from Washington University is required to use the SNOT tool for any purpose. License requirements and fees vary depending on intended use.

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No fee.

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$500/year per clinical group of 20.

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$25 – $60 per use.

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