License agreements and terms

Can I extend the term of the license agreement or add additional uses of the instrument?

Washington University can provide an amendment to your license. There is a $5,000 amendment fee for commercial licenses, so we encourage you to accurately select number of uses and the term and add a buffer if needed.

Are license agreements negotiable?

Washington University appreciates and understands that many entities have certain preferred language for contracts. However, due to the large demand for SNOT and several of our copyrighted instruments, the agreement is non-negotiable.  

As our office has completed numerous agreements for SNOT, we have worked hard to produce a non-negotiable agreement that both protects our interest in the intellectual property and is fair and reasonable to our licensees. Also, the terms have been well vetted and accepted by numerous companies and non-profit entities. 

SNOT instrument

In what languages is SNOT available and can we translate the instrument into another language?

See available translations »

If a translation is not listed, then please inquire as new translations are in progress. If a new translation is necessary, please follow our translation procedure.

Access the SNOT translation procedure »

You may use a vendor of your choice and Washington University will need to review the translation by sending the forward-back-forward translations to

Can I make an electronic version of the SNOT instrument?


Learn how to develop SNOT for electronic implementation »

Is the SNOT instrument validated for patients 6 to 12 years old?


Is there a scoring guide?


Access Dr. Piccirillo’s scoring suggestions »

Can Washington University provide review copies of the SNOT instrument?


View a sample copy of SNOT-22 (PDF) »

Publication and marketing

Can we distribute marketing materials that contain the SNOT instrument?

Yes, this requires a license agreement and can be discussed by emailing

Can I publish the SNOT instrument in a manuscript?

No, you may not publish the instrument. However, results of the research may be published and you are required to reference the instrument.

Billing and invoicing

Does Washington University participate in vendor registration portals?

Washington University will provide your organization an invoice (if applicable) and will work with your organization if the process is simple and for this type of transaction.