A license from Washington University is required to use SNOT for any purpose.

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Academic/Non-profit Use

Licenses are available for research that is not in-whole or in-part funded by a commercial entity.

No fee.

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Clinical Use

Licenses are available for patient use by a clinician in a healthcare facility.

$500/year per clinical group of 20.

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Clinical Trial Use

Licenses are available for commercial entities using the instrument for clinical trial.

$25-$60 per use.

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To license SNOT for any other use, contact SNOT@wustl.edu.

FAQ: Are license agreements negotiable?

Washington University appreciates and understands that many entities have certain preferred language for contracts. However, due to the large demand for SNOT and several of our copyrighted instruments, the agreement is non-negotiable.  

As our office has completed numerous agreements for SNOT, we have worked hard to produce a non-negotiable agreement that both protects our interest in the intellectual property and is fair and reasonable to our licensees.  The terms have been well vetted and accepted by numerous companies and non-profit entities. 

FAQ: Can I extend the term of the license agreement or add additional uses of the tool?

Washington University can provide an amendment to your license. There is a $5000 amendment fee for commercial licenses, so we encourage you to accurately select number of uses and the term and add a buffer if needed.

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